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JDEN6CJMBVFixed a memory leak in LE.
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MWHN5Z6J52Fixed flooding of messages about authorization on the TSO/MVS console, while gathering disk statistics.
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
RHOR64TN7VChanged the NoteProgram variable in the Notes.ini to point to the correct executables directory.
JDEN6A595FExtended attributes lost on the jvm directory in the Notes Exec Directory. Prior to this fix, the error "JVMHP030: Unable to switch to IFA...
BCWL6BKCFVFixed the procedure to call the mlmerge program from the LanguagePack installer on z/OS. Prior to this fix, on the zSeries platform, the Language...
BCWL6BKCFVFixed the procedure to call the mlmerge program from the LanguagePack installer on z/OS. Prior to this fix, on the zSeries platform, the Language...
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KSMH6DMNMGFixed an OutOfMemoryError when DEBUG_TRAPLEAKS=11B7 was specified in the Notes.ini. This regression was introduced in 6.5.
MIAS6DBGXJFixed an HTTP hang after timing out with Java 1.4.2 on the OS390 platform.
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APOY68MTCHFixed an Agent Manager crash when accessing a non-existing DB2 database with lsdo agents. The fix was to ensure that the z/OS system has the db2...
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AEDR69VPTEAfter using notesjre to upgrade the JVM within Domino, the first attempt (after an upgrade) of having the server's ID issue the command" java...
HLEZ65HMWMPrior to this fix, database corruption in the Hash Table caused a Server Crash when fixup was run. This was an intermittent issue that would only...
BHEK67QP8MFixed a problem where the task name incremented by 1 when the Domino task was recycled. This will prevent the Domino task from binding to the...
JDEN6A3K6PFixed a problem where Insnmp would not start because of a problem in the shell script.
JHEG68XNDMThe message "Cannot attach to shared mem" is not always making it to noteslog. This fix adds a call to force the message out to the...
RHOR63KT5NFixed memory leaks found at server shutdown. On z/OS, these include Platform Statistics memory which is never freed. The memory in question is...
TCHL6E7SDBKeyview filter crash with PRE attachments when indexing. When using the conversion filters (Keyview Filters) to index attachments of type PRE, the...
TCHL6EFQUVThe Keyview process may crash when indexing XLS attachments that have UNICODE characters.
WTHE6AXNJGThis fix sets the stack size correctly when the server starts so an invalid default value can't be used. The 4K stack size for Xplink code causes...
TCHL6BEPZ4When full text indexing certain attachment PDF files using the conversion filter option (Keyview Filters), the Keyview process may abend with a...
LVAE67PJ3QFixed a "Panic in LNL_b_goto_nextc" referencing an invalid address.
TCHL6A6QPZThis fixes a potential problem when indexing XLS attachment files using the Keyview filters.
This is not a problem with all XLS files, and does not...
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